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Document Legalization

We provide services to legalize documents required for countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention. An updated list of non-signatories can be found HERE. A list of signatories to the Convention can be found HERE.

To determine if the country you intend to visit requires documents that need to be legalized just go to the appropriate country page in our VISA SECTION. Once you have identified such document then you must follow these steps:

  • Have a licensed notary public notarize the appropriate document(s).
  • At your local courthouse obtain notary certification to confirm that the notary public that endorsed your document is authorized to do so in your state. (Note that government documents do not need state certifictions.)
  • Your Secretary of State must now certify the county clerk's signature.
  • Send us the document(s), with an additional copy, using the address above. We acquire Department of State approval and official legalization from the appropriate consulate.
  • Print, complete and submit to us, with your document(s) our online document information form.

If you have ANY questions about any step in this process please call our office.

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